Isaiah 22

First post in a while! (Not at 3 AM…11 AM)

Admittedly, I haven’t been able to write about the AMI devotionals in a while, and sometimes did not get to read them. I think I use excuses like “I’m too busy” or “I try to do QTs in the morning but end up being too tired”. I know I should be doing them daily so that I can understand more of God’s heart daily and be filled with strength during the day, but I just don’t.

God, grow in me a greater heart for you so that I can become more disciplined in reading Your Word!

You built a reservoir between the two walls
    for the water of the Old Pool,
but you did not look to the One who made it,
    or have regard for the One who planned it long ago.

(Isaiah 22:11)

This verse stuck out to me the most while reading this chapter. I think it’s been hard to for me to relate to these chapters in Isaiah lately, mostly because a lot of them don’t apply to me but to the Israelites and other nations. When I think about it more though, the Israelites’ walk with God is a continuous one of going away, then coming back to God after God shows them that they can really only depend on Him in the end.

I can see this at work in my life. Every time I think I can do things on my own, I am always eventually brought back at the feet of Christ in the end.

Whatever the circumstances in my life God, continually remind me that You are the one who has formed me and planned my life and that You deserve all the glory.

Isaiah 22

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